Blurbing Hell

So I’ve been thinking a lot recently about blurbs. More specifically about the blurb of my book. The book I’ve been writing for a couple of years now and I’m no where near finishing. I may be getting ahead of myself.

What prompted me to start thinking about blurbs was that question, the “what’s your book about” question.

I hate that question. I know what my book’s about, I think, but then I can’t explain it and I start to wonder. It’s that whole, if you can’t explain it do you really understand it adage. So I try to explain it as best I can without giving away too much, just in case they want to read it one day, and I fumble and I can feel their eyes glazing over.

It’s about two brothers, I say. One of whom will become head of their clan one day and the other, who well. Okay, so they’re from a race of people born this way but the younger brother is born different so they don’t really know what to make of him, they shun him, he scares them. Then something happens and they leave. While they’re gone, they, er, help people…

It’s weak, I know it’s weak. Which is leading me to rethink the beginning. Do they leave of their home of their own accord or would it pack more of a punch for them to be exiled? Or am I focusing on the wrong thing? Writing this now I realise that where it really falls down is on the what they do when they’re gone. So maybe I should go into more detail with what they get up to once they’re travelling? Explain about how they go from once catastrophe into another? Or does it need more of a bang than that?

These are things to ponder in greater detail but for now let’s acknowledge the huge victory over my own fears I’ve made by talking about the novel at all, telling people that I want to write, that I want it to be finished and published. I stopped talking about those dreams when I was 12 and starting again is a step forward that I won’t undervalue. I have always had a thing about telling people what I want because then I feel pressure to achieve it, to accomplish it rather than giving up as is my wont. Therefore consider this me declaring it to everyone – I want to finish this novel and I want to see it published.


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