What About the Elves?

I’m pondering other races. Not of people, I’m very conscious about ensuring that my characters have a variety of skin colours and backgrounds as I work my way through my novel. I mean races like Tolkien races.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my MCs are not human so I’ve already added in one magical race. Should I add more? Would it make sense not to, for there to only be one other, very small race of non-human beings?

My instinct is to say no, now that I have thought of it as a problem, it wouldn’t make sense for them to be the stand alone different people.

So what to do? And how to do it without drowning in world building and planning?

I was recently complaining about this very thing on Twitter when an old friend piped up with a suggestion of Fae people because of the variety they come in. It’s not an idea that appeals to me because of the number of books I have read recently including Fae people, not to mention that Lost Girl was an influence on me when crafting one of my future workings. However, that suggestion did spark an idea. A spark that’s turned into a flame of note taking and scribbling and my problem is not longer a problem but the ghosts of ancestors long dead crying at me to listen to them and to tell their story.

This is why I love the community on Twitter and also my favourite thing about writing; the problem solving as you delve further into your world and discover more.


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