The Road Beneath My Feet

I am having a mare at the moment, and by moment I mean constantly, with world building relating to travel distances.

My drawing skills mean that, at best, I can do a rough outline of the lands in my world and have a vague idea of the direction that key events occur. However, when it comes to actually writing about how many days travel may take, I begin to lose consistency. For instance, so far, it has taken my lead characters one week to travel roughly the distance of Calais to Paris (265km) and another week to go from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela (110km). Which is problematic.

I’m always concerned that I’ll get too bogged down in the minutiae of planning and not move the plot on but then again, if I never get this planning sorted, I will always be frustrated about this lack of certainty with distance when I am writing. I can’t keep putting problems like this in Future!Me’s pile along with editing and redrafting.

So my target for this upcoming month is to create useable maps that will give me a clearer idea of what goes where and how long journeys should take.



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